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Finally. Events reinvented.

Smart user experience and data insights for your events, conferences and trade shows.
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Proximity Context
Profile matching
Lead generation
Automated check-in
Instant feedback
Indoor GPS
Real-time updates
Deep data insights

Complete digital package

All your session information, schedules, sponsors and participant information is manageable in real-time - no app updates or restarts required. We use wireless iBeacons to discover other points of interest in your proximity so we can adjust the app to show you the right infromation you really care about.
Now this is the future!

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Deep data insights

Instant access to our real-time big data analytics platform makes your events backed by facts. With our rich telemetry your can construct histograms, graphs or even indoor heatmaps and monitor them during the event. See the busiest locations, people flows, most attended speaker events, and other stats enhanced through time and space dimensions.

Wireless profile exchange

We are using wireless iBeacons to determine who is in your proximity and our proprietary matching algorithm will exchange your public information with the right people. This means you have instant access to a timeline of everyone you have met, their photo and their public LinkedIn profile. You can also send you digital profile to employers or businesses with a single click.
We've got you covered!

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iBeacon enabled

Wireless beacons give smartphones extra senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalised experiences.

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